Have you seen someone desperately

crowbar something totally irrelevant into a conversation recently? Done it yourself? Maybe a weird flex of some kind? Please, discuss below!

I’m not in the habit of doing this myself and I try to crack down on it as and when I see others attempt to do it

I’ve seen some other vegetarians do this but I manage to avoid it


3,121 pots?


How did the move go in the end?

It’s been a fucking disaster mate

Sorry for bringing it up.

Not at all, as good a place as any to do so after all

Your basket comes to a nice round number btw. Congrats!

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i hate it when my garden takes a tone with me

40 hammocks in his basket


I believe it is 3 12litre tubs, which is still enough to cover 216m2 of fence!

I, boring?

3,121 posts with at least two likes each!

Oh and it it’s pretty orange

  • Orange
  • Quite orange
  • Not orange
  • Really not orange
  • Head like a fucking orange

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AS A PARENT i say that’s quite orange


If I put up that fence as part of one of my many, many pieces of voluntary work in the community I’d think 'that fence is ‘burnt orange’ ’

I think the only time someone would come up with the phrase ‘burnt orange’, after putting up a fence as part of their charity work, would be when trying to allay the fears of the person you were putting up the fence for that had just proclaimed “fucking hell that’s fucking orange, mate!”

Yeah, I guess I could see how that might come up while doing my regular charity work

my extremely beautiful girlfriend agrees that its burnt orange.

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it’s brown but if someone was trying to claim it was orange there’s not enough in it to fight over