Have you "turned the table" on anyone lately?

Please talk about times in which you have “turned the table” on someone in the last 10-12 days.

I will also accept posts about times in which you have “had the table turned on you” in the last 10-12 days as well.

Just by ahem Lazy Susan


No turning the tables on anyone or vice versa but I have been listening to a lot of The Byrds recently. Loved one of their best ofs when I was unemployed after uni.


haven’t turned any tables, but i did flip a script

13 days ago I helped someone carry a table into a house.

They had stupidly attempted to take it in via the wide side. Luckily my expert knowledge of shapes and stuff saved the day.

Mrs F is currently doing bellydancing lessons via Zoom in our living room every Tuesday evening. If I’m feeling generous I’ll turn the living room table for her so she doesn’t fall over it. Needless to say I had the last laugh.

Would an instance of someone saying “someone farted!” followed by a swift retort of “they who smelt it, dealt it” count as a table-turning situation?

Yes, of course it would. What else would it be?


WTF is wrong with some people


I’m glad you agree.

This has not happened to me in the last 10-12 days, however I wanted to ensure that any poster here to who this did happen in that timescale would feel comfortable sharing that in this thread.

Maybe a time-zone thing?

I’m flipping the script on the thread.

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Good point actually

i love it when you figure out how to get a piece of furniture in a door or round a corner or something just by rotating it in a weird way

could be in my top 20 things to do

Are you a fan of the Friends episode where Ross says ‘Pivot’ a lot?

Yeah I rotated the dining table to do some hoovering on the weekend. I hate that table so much, it’s a 8 person table for a 2 bed house. Absurdly large

I gave someone a taste of their own medicine

not really, no

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I hate that episode so much. Think it’s Ross’ horrible personality flaws being so overtly on display, combined with his inability to give clear instructions.

I built and put a table into position 12 days ago, does that count? There was definitely turning involved.

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