Have you watched any Christmas films yet

or do you have set plans to watch any in the upcoming week(s)?

My friend has already watched Scrooged (doesn’t exist) multiple times this year. I’m tempted by a cinema double bill of Home Alones 1+2, but otherwise my schedule is barren. Never seen Elf so was mulling that over, but don’t think I cbf tbh

Watched the film Final Score at Fake Xmas last weekend which, whilst not a Christmas film, did absolutely everything that could possibly have been required from it and more for the event and it’s traditions.

No, but then I don’t like Christmas or films, so you can see the bind I’m in.

Is there something in a Holmes and Watson adventure set in the HA expanded-universe?


Christmas Vacation and Home Alone every year.

Scrooged, Muppets, Elf every other year.

It’s a Wonderful Life, Arthur Christmas, some others I can’t remember every few years.

The Family Stone

Went to a live performance of the nightmare before Christmas: does that count?

Will watch die hard at some point I’m sure.

I watched Elf again last year expecting to be sneery but it is still quite funny

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Planning to watch A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby tonight, which is the third part in an asbolutely insane series of Netflix Christmas films.

Also want to watch The Princess Switch, and The Knight Before Christmas.

Will make time for Home Alone, one of the best films ever made, as well.

And I’m sure A Muppets Christmas Carol will get a few outings since my daughter likes the Muppets (“Christmas Froggy!”)


films that don’t exist are not the same thing as films you haven’t seen


Actually, poll time! Of the following I’ve seen …

  • Scrooged
  • Elf
  • Die Hard
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Home Alone (any)
  • Love Actually
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Muppet Christmas Carol
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • The Snowman
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Arthur Christmas

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Not yet, gf and I have next Friday night pencilled in to drink a lot (post election, either way) and watch some Netflix trash. Well intrigued by the headlines about the new Christmas Prince

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Just sounds v fake is all, think you’ve all been hoodwinked

first 30 minutes or so of scrooged is great, but goes downhill after that

Garth Crooks unfairly overlooked for best supporting actor


Will watch Home Alone at some point and then A Very Murray Christmas when I get home on Christmas eve. Other than that I am making my way through all the Xmas specials I have on DVD/Netflix.

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*Tony Cottee and Rufus Brevett

I’ll probably end up watching muppets when my partner tells me to. Not massively into rewatching films lots of times

The Christmas special in My So-Called Life might also be the worst thing that’s ever been done in the name of a good show


Have you seen a very Murray Christmas?

Ooof. Maybe the thing I have hated most in my life.