Have yours and your partners parents met?

My brother is WELL into this with my parents and his gfs parents. Apparently they all do dinner together regularly!

I thought my dad would certainly not be into this but I haven’t heard any stories to come of it yet.

I find this a bit odd.

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nope, never. and the idea of it utterly fills me with dread but thankfully will probably never happen.


My mum and dad are meeting the missuses mum on saturday.

Will be fine


Yes, once. Her Dad lives in Uganda so the opportunity for it to happen was very limited so we hastily arranged a bbq at ours when he was over here a couple of years back, details here:


Aren’t you married?
The only scenario I could think of was at the wedding? At no point before this would I have a reason for them to mingle.

Both at the same event. Probably better than meeting each other at the wedding.

yeah but she’s american. we had a US wedding and a UK wedding party. her parents are seperated and seemingly have no interest in coming here to visit, and my dad is the most awkward person alive.

Do you mean they’ve met once in the past or once because they’re meeting right now?

The former

Very well played Eric.

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Bit of a cultural thing as well btw Meo, I kind of think/thought “what’s the point” a bit but it’s a perfectly normal and, frankly, required thing amongst my gf’s family. I’ve visited her brother’s wife’s parents place a few times, have been introduced to her cousin’s gf’s parents etc etc. It’s very alien to me though.

His Mum and my Mum are besties since we got together! they go on holiday together :smiley: Haha. The Dads have never met one another but they’ve both met the Mums. Both our Dad’s are the shy, reclusive types so they’re weirdly pretty similar.

why are dads so fucking awkward


they’re very different kinds of people. They’ve met a couple of times but have never really had a proper conversation - just got enough of a glimmer so that the simmering judgements and insecurities towards each other that made arranging a proper meeting feel awkward have started to boil away nicely on their own anyway.

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My dad isn’t awkward but you just worry what inappropriate thing is going to come out of his mouth.

My Dad said a thing that broke my fucking heart on Friday, we were in the playpark with my little niece and nephew and my nephew did that thing where he just made a mate with some other kid (fucking zero chill about it though, he literally yelled “IT’S A BIGGER BOY AND HE’S MY BEST FRIEND!” at us) my Dad told me how relieved he was as last time he took him to the park my nephew got scared and started yelling “PEOPLE!” in an equivalent way to how you’d shout “SHARK!” or something and my Dad said he was dead worried that he’d inherited his own awkwardness and fear of social interaction and it made me properly sad and I didn’t really know how to respond to it as he literally never, ever says things like that.


Haha, ah I don’t mind, to a certain degree I like the fact he really doesn’t give two shits what people think about him and it’s good both are Dad’s are so alike. I find it weird when you meet these really loud, confident showoffy Dads/parents, I don’t like it at all and mine are just not like that. However, I wish for my Mums sake he had been more sociable over the years.

Yeah, they have met - we’ve had everyone around at ours for lunch and stuff numerous times.

They get on fine, I think.

They don’t hang out with each other outside of that though.

I maybe take back some of what I just said… I just realised my Auntie is very much like this and she’s pretty cool. Haha.