Have yours and your partners parents met?

What’s your Aunties name?

She sounds like an Auntie Val to me


We’ve been together for… something like 14 years so obviously they have.

My mum and mr pn’s mum go to the cinema together every week.

Our families go for a Boxing Day pub lunch together every year.

We’ll all be going out together next weekend several times too.

It’s… fine.


Barbara :slight_smile:

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I mean even some DiSers have met my parents.


The last time my dad met my father-in-law they got really pished on Negronis and danced to Bruce Springsteen. Thick as thieves.

Our respective parents have probably met like half a dozen times. We actually arranged for it to happen after like 5 years of being together as we thought it was weird that they hadn’t met.

No, but living about 6000 miles apart will do that - her parents won’t fly and mine can’t go long haul.

my folks have met her dad. he came round to their house once with her nephew. cant remember why now. he was dead worried about having a hole in his jeans

My ex’s parents and my parents met for the first time a week before we got married. We’d been together for 7 and a half years at that point. Her parents are 10/15 years younger than mine and there’s always felt like there was a bit of a generational gap there. They got on fine, but there’s not a lot of common ground between them.

God no and I hope they never do. The awks would be unbearable. Beyond being of the same species, they have absolutely nothing in common.

Also, age and brexit have removed any filters from my Dad’s racist opinions.

Do Mr PN’s parents live on the Ireland About White too?


You’re probably cousins or something.


Yes. They get on like a house on fire. They are also incredibly lazy about arranging to meet each other though and rely on us forcing them to do it.

twice. and that’ll do. cheers.

They’re also by coincidence both celebrating their golden anniversaries in a couple of months, which can’t possibly end well.

They properly met the night before my wedding, but his dad met my parents briefly once before that.

There’s weirdly a big cultural gap there because the TV’s parents are really British, quiet, reasonable and culturally Protestant while mine are foreign (my mum is anyway), loud, deliberately awkward and culturally Catholic. My parents can’t get their heads around the fact that my FIL doesn’t drink as they are massive boozers and I think it makes them suspicious of him.

my ex’s parents and my parents met at our graduation. was hilarious.

Her dad is talking to my mum about how rude he felt it for parents not to applaud other people’s kids as they were receiving their degrees. my dad comes bounding over having not heard this, says something like ‘fucking hell, I was getting sick of all that clapping’, and then proceeds to show her dad this app he’d installed on his phone that played applause sounds that he’d installed midway through the ceremony.

her dad is this proper old English stiff upper lip Judge, and my dad is a foolish Spanish taxi driver, which made the whole thing even more funny/horrifying.


Applause app! :laughing:

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