Haven't had a lunch thread for a while eh?! (Friday) [Lunch] *~Treat yoself~*

what ya having?

i’ve just stuck an aubergine in the oven and will be making some pasta with tomato and chilli sauce. yummo.

Leftover takeaway!

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Was gonna have the fish and chips in the ‘Restaurant’ spoiler[/spoiler], as it’s pretty good and I’ve not had it for a while.

But we had pizzer last night, so I’ve got a couple of slices of leftover pizza instead. Depending on how piggy I’m feeling in an hour’s time, might give the salad bar a go as well.

Probably a raisin and biscuit Yorkie as well, they’re only 50p in the canteen at the minute

How about a business model selling takeway leftovers?

Going to Mildred’s later so think i’ll grab a salad.

My fave salad place (Vital Ingredient if you’re curious) have changed their menu. You normally get 1 deli item and 4 veg items. They’ve changed the deli items to just be meat, fish or smoked tofu (which I don’t like v much) so i’m massively being stiffed here by having 4 of the regular veg items and 1 extra veg item. I should be getting 2 extra veg items!!!
and its like £6.50 or something stupid.

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But takeaway leftovers are great, who would ever get rid of them

love mildred’s, went last week to the camden one for me bday. going out for vegan pizza tonight, gotta decide between voodoo rays and fedbywater.

People who aren’t in such a financially privileged position as yourself maybe. Fucking hell!

I love Voodoo Ray’s Queen Vegan. It’s just my favorite. I prefer to go no cheese than fake cheese.

But i normally just go anywhere and ask for the pizza without cheese. I like Yard Sale a lot and this place near my work cause you can make your own (obvs without cheese) and it’s such a nice pizza.

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Got to have misery packed lunch because I’ve had a deadline dropped on me like an anvil and will probably be here till stupid o’clock to meet it.

Ham sandwich and a Penguin. Fucking hell.

Yard Sale is my favourite ever pizza. All my earnings go on the TSB.

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Why can’t penguins fly?

Because they’re chocolate biscuits

yes yes yes
broccoli on a pizza is my favourite thing

My partner has pretty much banned us from going to fedbywater as she can understand what the staff are saying in Italian and thinks they’re the worst people on earth. So I’d go for Voodoo Rays as if they’re going to badmouth you, at least you’ll know it.

haha what kind of things did they say? they seemed very personable the one time i went in there.

I can’t tell you myself but she was fuming, and it wasn’t even about us.

Caveat being that she’s a self hating Italian and is always getting into fights with other Italians.

Going to the pub innit. Should I have a lunchtime pint? VOTE NOW

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Got some leftover tortellini in pesto. Never as good the day after but it’ll do.

Wish this thread had come up yesterday so I could boast about the Korean fried chicken I got from Kimchi Cult. In fact, I can still taste it so I’m going to boast about it. Possibly the best I’ve ever had. That place is ridiculously good. Was a real ‘Treat Yo Self’ moment.

I made a curry a few days ago so got the last of that. It’s integrity is questionable at this point but it’s passed the sniff test.

aw she should have said something in italian as she left