Haven't had a lunch thread for a while eh?! (Friday) [Lunch] *~Treat yoself~*

Leftover moussaka (I barely now her!)


She always makes a point to speak in Italian when paying just to see their faces drop.

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I’ve been treating myself on lunch pretty much everyday since the new year so today I’m reigning it in today with some buttered baps, nuts and a home-baked Lemington (which i suppose is a treat really).


Rosemary focaccia with mozzarella, rocket and tomato

oooh ooh ooh ahhh aahhh yeah

you’re a class act, goo

Read this thread to the tune of ‘please please please let me get what I want’

interesting. like the outside of a carrot or the normal bit but “peeled” so it’s in really thin bits

Just had a coke

Went for a wander through Chinatown, and ended up with a takeaway lunch box of random stuff from a buffet place: beef with black bean, Singapore noodles, sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice. So much salt. Just what I needed tbh.

Like that place on the end of Old Street opposite the Post Office, but not quite as good. 6.5/10

Tin of tomato soup: 50p
Bread roll: 30p
Banana: 10p

Total cost = 90p

Fuck this

Is that any good? It’s been renamed. Seems it has changed ownership recently…

It was, but I haven’t been there in 18 months or so. It was well worth a fiver every now and then. Think you’d be doing us all a service with some reconnaissance…

There’s a new Japanese noodle place on Old Street that’s due a visit first: http://monohonramen.com/

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You too sweetie, you too