Haven't had a stats thread in a while eh?


Show us your big three:


aaaaand who’s your most replied to poster? @laelfy for me.

thought that 7.8k posts wasn’t too bad but then realised i’ve only had this account since December :grimacing: :grimacing:


Considering most of those replies are you being huffy with me that’s quite impressive.


It’s @Witches for me, but would probably be Eric if he didn’t keep changing his account.



most replied to @Ruffers









Most replied to and most liked poster is @Aggpass

Most liked by is @incandenza

I also have these:




25 topics created, 12.5K posts created, 10.0k likes received.

Most replied to: xylo


Give us the proof that you’ve never given a like pls.



can’t believe i’ve made more threads than eric


83 topics created
4.0k posts created
1.9k :heart: given
6.5k :heart: received
Most replied to @Antpocalypsenow (he’s an approachable guy)




most replied to ericthefourth, ericV and then darwinbabe

same with likes given and received as well


Still topping the all time states for posts Viewed and Read.


@japes likes me almost twice as much as any of the rest of you!


I have given out likes!

(47 of them)


And @plasticniki is my most replied to poster


I wonder who’s topping the all time stats for posts viewed and read?


my money would be on @incandenza, that boys goes deep on some zombie-ass threads


Okay, I’ll play.



@Antpocalypsenow is currently lord of the topics. any advancements on 361?