Having a couple round for dinner when you only know one of them


Always a gamble. Especially if your significant other is good friends with the one you both know, so you’re already aware your job is going to be talking to The Other One.

Feel free to share experiences of meeting awesome/shit other halves of people


Wouldn’t ever do this.


Last experience: fine. He was more of a board game penoid than I am.

Notable experience: that time I unthinkingly did the “blows own brains out” motion to her. She’d retired from the police force after being held at gunpoint for 24 hours.

I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to people.


you wouldn’t ever… have a couple round?


Love playing host. Come one, come all!


If I only knew one of them yeah


yes. i tend to occupy the kitchen as Head Of Cooking so that i don’t need to actually talk as much


Keys in the bowl!!


so i guess you either never have people visit, or you make them come alone to hang out with you and your gf?



I’m normally pretty good in situations like this, you need to be good at listening I guess.

Only notable exception was when my wife invited her mate over and her boyfriend who had just been made redundant. It got to midnight and they said they were leaving and I blurted out ‘why leave now? It’s not like you’ve got work in the morning’.



I think it’s more the fact that I’ve had a very established group of friends that has remained pretty much the same for about 20 years now all of whom have partners that have been with them for ages now so I can’t think of when I’d need to…


:'D fuck!

Yeah i’m normally good about this ALTHOUGH have been saddled with some proper bores because of it while wife is deliberately avoiding my eye so we never have to switch talking partners


you are basically the cast of Friends


I do this as much as possible too.

We had a couple over for NYE including Another One who I was designated to look after. Successfully spent most of the night hiding in the kitchen, constantly topping up drinks or bringing out more food.


it’s going to be hell when half of them divorce/break at about 35 and you’re meeting lots of new interlopers


Except somehow a lot more objectionable!


“just checking on the oven!”

checks phone in plain sight


It’s fine. Have had various couple from the US where I’ve never met either of them comes and stay for days at a time before. The secret is to be an easy-going, pleasant person.