Having a shit as I type this

When was the last time you posted on dis while shitting?

Earlier this afternoon.

how strenuous an effort is it

Probably a good 70% of my posts on here are with my trousers around my ankles.

When I signed up, I SHIT you not

The other 30% on the toilet?


The other 30% I’m wearing my Jedi dressing gown.

all done now, but it was textbook

My posting around 7am and 6pm tends to take place whilst on the thunderbox.

From the 1970s, with a cracked spine, and cock’n’balls drawn on all the photos?

should i have a coffee

  • y
  • n

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Not since the first weeks of the forum upgrade and I hated the mobile version so much I swore never to use it. Oh and the other reason was the toilet lights kept tripping off and it was getting embarrassing.