Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not a weakness


My friend shared this on facebook and it’s really irked me!

I think it’s because she just indulges in her feelings too much and thinks they take priority over everyone else’s but she’s trying to turn it around and play the victim at the same time.

Am I being cold?


This is now the daft shit people share on facebook thread


alright toby young


Isn’t it! Why tho?


Aw I’ve unfollowed a few people (friends of my mum are GOLD for this kinda thing), so I don’t see any, but a friend - lets call him Albert - is great for a laugh. Let me find a few things…


i think the rise of social media means that we increasingly live in a world where people are encouraged to feel like their own opinions and feelings are more valid and important than those of other people. as a result people feel entitled to act in a really over-dramatic, over-sensitive way all the time and use stuff like this video to validate those behaviours.


you only see it if you’re on facebook


“There has been Over 3000 earthquakes globally in the last month with a magnitude of 1.5 or above
Why isn’t that in the media huh?”

“The governments have alien technology… But there using it against us
Free energy has been around since the 40s but the governments shushed tesla and his studies so that the fossil fuel industry can carry on making there trillions
We live in a fucked world
But it can’t happen for much longer”

“Really good read
Extraterrestrial guide to earthlings”

“I find this completely hilarious
“How cannabis wrecks the lungs”


I saw this thread and immediately thought of one particular FB friend who posts shite the OP. Lo and behold, this turns up in my feed (from her):


I don’t get any of this stuff.


She looks like an axolotl.


Yes! Especially with the coral tiara.


HAARP :smiley:


and while we’re on the subject othe following hashtags really make me wince:







At the moment have been kind of fascinated/mortified by one friend just posting a pic of themselves cheers-ing in a selfie every day, alternating with posts about being at the gym and how well their job is going. All of which is no different to anyone else, except each new job goes from ‘having the time of my life’ to ‘leaving this shitty job’ every three months or so and then being enthusiastic about a new job again etc, and the cheers-ing selfies are 99% alone in a bare house.

I sort of want to ask if they’re okay.


The infinite reenforcement of how special and good it is to be introverted is a kind of plausible, but also uncomfortable aspect of the modern internet. Can’t quite work out why I find it so unsettling, but I do.




It’s hugely odd. Because it isn’t an angle being pushed by anyone who is truly anything of those things. It’s just boring people trying not to feel boring by couch-psycho-analysing things.


[post about people being introverted and creative]

OMG IT’S SO ME [tags 50 people]"