Having dominos tonight + Friday Evening Thread




Ignore this! Just doing a little housekeeping

Do you not have a Papa John’s nearby then…?


I might join you


Do you not have a Papa John’s nearby then…?


I don’t!

Never tasted one



It’s the daddy IMHO


Ermmm ok… See you soon?


Yeah, not a fan.
I do have pizza magic pretty close by though


papa johns worldwide website!


Deffo check this site if you’re having one.

Checks your postcode specific offers. Always fond 50 percent off


What topping(s) you going for ?


might get a supermarket pizza



Tv will have vege

I’m a horrible horrible monster so I’m having ham and pineapple


I am making my own pizzas tonight!!! Fuckin’ YES!! :pizza: :boom:


finding H3 more and more irritating these days. The original papa john videos are just so ridiculous


got lagers and ciders waiting at home. guessing it’s lagers, then ciders yeah? cider being sweeter n all

gonna make a fish pie later


haven’t watched for a while. fucking love the papa johns thing, dj khaled and vapenation.


I’m pro ham and pineapple though seem to always get pepperoni passion with jalapeños even when I want something new.

Any sides?


just found out there’s a reasonably nice Vietnamese place nearby that does a vegetable pho for £6 so going there