Having fun


I quite liked this article.

As we walked back down the pier, Ben asked me a simple question that floored me: when was the last time I’d had fun? I had to go back a few weeks. I’d got drunk in my friend Sophie’s flat and we turned up the music very loudly and played a game. She lives next to a bus stop, and every time a bus passed the window we danced really aggressively to catch the attention of the upstairs deck and try to get them to not only stare but start smiling. It was the first time in a long time I’d cried laughing – the kind of fun that makes your face crinkle up and your insides go all warm. Afterwards, lying on her airbed, not helped by the glow of the booze fading, I felt sad, because I couldn’t recall the last time I had felt like that.

So…when was the last time you had fun?


not really a fan of fun if i’m honest


Its overrated


I tried it once and I didn’t like it.


Is it giro day Tom?


Because that’s my fun day


katy perry first draft etc


honestly don’t remember


We burned a Trump effigy on NYE. That was pretty fun.


I think one of the only times it’s possible to have pure, unadulterated fun is when you’re on a rollercoaster so it would have been April 26th 2013 in that case.


What was the coaster?



Nipped to Alton Towers on that date pal so there was a few of them.


come back frogman





have kinda fun sometimes… went to the pub with my bf last night and he re-taught me how to play chess and I had a negroni. or a couple of nights ago we threw a mini surprise birthday for my friend in the common room, having to run around college hiding things so she didn’t find out etc. can’t remember the last time I had loads and loads of fun. probably at my old work with my colleagues who i’m going to Paris with next weekend omg can’t wait. stuff like finding a golf club and taking turns to hit things down the corridor, accidentally smashing a picture of an MEP that was on the wall… going in to work high from the night before. just wandering in to meetings about things that interested us… working with 30 or so ‘like minded’ fun people in a nice place is something I’ll cherish forever :heart:


I liked this article a lot, thanks! I want to go back to Brighton now. Or better yet, move there.


were talking about fun not sex


I know, that’s why I said I’d tried it.