Having kids (polls)

Use this thread to discuss, argue over which stance is the most Tory and most importantly start beeves regarding the production of miniature humans.

Chuck some polls in if you want, not that anyone has bothered in those other threads.


  • Do not want children
  • Want children, but don’t currently have any
  • Have children

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I do not own any nor have any wish to do so in the future. I have made this clear, and reiterated it several times to Mrs Fox and she is fully on board with it thankfully.

(I wanted to add a ‘Have children, but wish I didn’t’ option to the poll, but felt it would undermine the serious intentions of this topic)

You missed “have children, regret every waking moment”.



Please see:



I view having kids as like keeping a baby elephant in the back garden: I can see some of the appeal, but it also sounds like a really terrible idea.


Despite his mum being awful, I’m very glad I have my boy.

Genuinely, if I didn’t, I probably would’ve offed myself a couple of years ago.

Got lucky though, he’s fucking brilliant. Can see why some parents find it an absolute mission, due to 90% of children being


@Epimer Differing levels of peanuts.

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Maybe one day, not particularly bothered at this moment in time.

Similarly to marriages, I think that if you’re going to have one, you might as well have loads.

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Very tricky to do it on a budget though.

Also, you might reassess this ambition when you’ve got one.

Seriously though, don’t see the appeal and it’s one of those things that makes me feel more robot than human.

I’ve been saying for a good decade now that I don’t want them now, cannot imagine ever wanting them, but who knows how future me will feel? More and more entrenched in that view, apparently. I love having nieces but that’s enough for me.

Me and the TV are both the eldest of four - think if we had met a bit earlier in life we would definitely have considered the appeal of having loads. Kids are the best :thumbsup:

Surely one of them will end up being a millionaire that can recompense you? Gotta speculate to accumulate!


wanking moment

Whatever I said here:

Oh, I’m not just talking money. Lots of shitting bottoms and attitudes, and tiny lively minds to get to sleep.

Maybe one hour out of the week I may feel slightly broody
Then I’m like fuck that and I like my freedom and I wanna go on holiday far far away

My bfs mum asks when we’re having kids but thankfully his brothers gf butts in to say she’s working on having a baby but she’s just waiting for the wedding ring and both of us are like PHEW!

I enjoy it a lot, but don’t think it’s the be all and end all.

People who are either really pro or really anti having children tend to be a bit weird IMO.


Who else am going to give my Tory house and money too?


the tories

I can see how having kids would, in many ways, be completely rewarding and life-affriming…but i just don’t like noise, or mess, or sick, or shit, or piss, and i’m too much of a baby to accept that in the grand scheme of things a few years of those things might not be completely dreadful, but…

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