Having kids


those of you that have them, did you always want kids? did you get to a certain age then want them?

i’m 27 and i really really really can’t see a situation where i’d want to have kids. the world is going to shit and i’d rather have more time for and more money for me. i have no problem with anyone else having kids obviously, and even if i did there’s no way we can stop people having kids anyway (population growth being unsustainable is probably a whole new thread)

i really love the idea of being a positive influence on a childs life but i’d much rather it was mates kids or (in future i assume) my sisters kids

et tu?


I always imagined I’d have kids by now but it’s definitely good that I don’t have any.


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in a fight?


Don’t think I ever had any thoughts one way or the other really.

I can totally understand why people in their 20s/30s would feel anxious about these things at the minute.

I dunno - once you’ve had them you don’t exactly regret it. They’re just part of your life.


Yep I have kids. Always wanted them and it’s amazing. Completely respect people who are honest about not wanting them as it goes against a lot of social norms and the last thing you want is to end up in a bad situation where kids are involved.


Tried it once, never again.


Yeah I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong about not wanting kids (and possibly a lot right) and nobody should ever feel stigmatised for that.


We’re definitely at an age where we feel ‘ready’. Just need to get set up outside of the big smoke first…


Yeah at this stage in my life, I can’t see myself wanting them

I’m 26 and still don’t feel like I’m the right age too - I don’t feel mature enough, and tbh, I really don’t think I could put up with babies. It just seems so stressful and I don’t like them really


I’d never had an urge to want one but then over the last 6 months or so I’ve felt like I kind of might want one. I’m scared by this thought.


Yeah I’m in this situation really. Hopefully we can have children because we both want them.


Broke up with my GF of 10 years over my unwavering feeling of not wanting kids :no_mouth: :fireworks: :confused:



My dad used to go on about WHEN I HAD KIDS so much (from about the age of 14, even though he would have died of shame if I’d been a teen mother…), despite telling him numerous times that it made me uncomfortable and wasn’t something I wanted, that when I was 20 I exaggerated my chances of being infertile because of having polycystic ovaries. He was horrified, but he’s not mentioned it since. I feel slightly bad that I (probably) lied to him, but it was unbearable :frowning:


Yeah, always had in the back of my mind that I would want them. But ‘now’ never seemed to be the right time.

27 is pretty young though, had my first at 37 so you’ve got plenty of time :slight_smile:

(Also not to worry you but it’s also possible to be a negative influence on a child’s life - something I constantly concern myself with as I’m sure most parents do too)


[spoiler]This is sad but sensible.

There’s no compromising on this issue. Better that she has children who are definitely wanted my both parents, regardless of whether the relationship lasts.

Also, if at some point you decide you do want them you shouldn’t beat yourself up about that past relationship. You didn’t want them then and that was the important thing.[/spoiler]


I want to have some but I think my bf is worried about bringing more babies into this horrible world. If someone gave me one to look after I’d help out.


this is the thing i’m most worried about, falling in love with someone and wanting to be with them forever but it going sour cos i don’t want kids


Did anyone watch that secret life of 5 year olds last night?

If my child doesn’t turn out like Jet then I will probably put it in the bin (yes of course I want kids).


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