Having things stolen/getting them back


just had my bicycle stolen. I was sidetracked when I parked it up; maybe I didn’t lock it properly, idk.

I got the number of the guy in charge of the CCTV looking at where it was taken. been advised to check Gumtree, so I’ve set up alerts.

having trouble getting through to the cops to report it stolen :confused: rang 101 a few times to no avail

anyone got any similar experiences to share or advice?



my bike was pinched outside the front of my house when i was 12. a few weeks later my pal’s dad saw a lad he knew riding it around the village. he drove to the lad’s house and stole it back for me haha

sorry about your bike btw


mine was stolen in Manchester city centre

[crosses fingers]


Aw man sorry to hear this :frowning:


Sheeeeet dude, that sucks :frowning:

Where in town was it?


Sorry to hear that. Checking online is probably a good idea? Do you have an Id number on it?


just outside Fred Aldous, right on the corner :frowning:


I don’t. I’ve made a profile on a website, got alerts set up. not managed to report it yet, although tbh I don’t have any faith in the police to find it.

might check with my friend who I bought it off for any kind of number


There’s a pretty well-known bike thief who operates in Stevenson Square, I’ll ask around on some FB groups and see if anyone knows anything.


nice, thank you so much dude. that would be amazing x


Got a photo or description of it?


Giant Defy… 5, I think? grey and black, front tyre is a fairly worn Gatorskin, back is a newer Schwalbe with more grip. black bike lock wrapped around the top of the stem and right handlebar.



not this exact one, but this exact colour and model


I may have mentioned it (many many many times) before, but Fat White Family stole my bandmates’s keyboard stand because they’re really rock n roll*

*a bunch of cunts.


oh yeah: it has a Ken Foster Cycle sticker on the frame - that’s where it was originally from.


Had my phone stolen on a night out years ago, so I ran after the thief shouting ‘it’s not a smart phone!’ and, upon hearing this, he stopped and gave it back.

True story.


Got my phone and purse stolen when I was in hospital. A year and a half later my purse arrived in the post to my old apartment. Was very strange.


Mate of mine had a three grand bike stolen from his house. Checked all the gumtrees within 100 miles for a few weeks and sure enough it turned up for sale for £500. Arranged to meet the guy halfway at a service station and called the police. Police showed up shouting ‘is this the guy that nicked you bike?’ :woman_facepalming: And they got it back.

Hope it turns up mate, bike thief’s are wankers.


I had my car nicked from outside my house. It was an old style Mini Cooper in British racing green.

The alternator in it was fucked though, and the night it went the battery was on charge inside, so it must have been a professional tow job.


Aw man, that is rubbish :frowning:

Hopefully the thief can be found and you get it back.