Having won my bets on Brexit and now Trump, I here by declare myself NOSTRADAMUS of terrible events


My future predictions:

2017- Farage crowned Emperor
2018 - Italy evaporates due to global warming
2019 - Dog civil war
2023 - James Corden wins Oscar for Schindlers List 2: Electric Boogaloo
2028 - Doughnuts go extinct
2029 - Farage crowned Galactic emperor
2036 - Ukip introduces third Monday into the working week. Broccoli reclassified as a fruit.
2038 - Everyone’s favorite Simpsons jokes are wiped fro our datacores
2079 - Mcdonalds wins WW9
2163 - Farage defeats Zeus and Buddha in a cage match and is crowned God Emperor


who’s gonna win the scotland england match the night?


Terrible events, so Scotland. Have you got any predictions


i’m not a man for predictions really, i leave it to the experts like yourself


Oddly down with Dog Civil War


It’s another Hollywood remake (with dogs), this guy is playing Hulk.


i think honey g might win X factor


i didn’t think i was going to enjoy these but i did