Having your photo taken

Was having a chat about this and wanted to see what others think

How long ago was your favourite photo of yourself taken?

  • This year
  • 1 year ago
  • 2 years ago
  • 3 years ago
  • 4 years ago
  • 5 years ago
  • 6-10 years ago
  • 11-20 years ago
  • 21+ years ago

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Are you the type of person who gets that 1 good picture and then uses it for everything?

  • Yes
  • No

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Did you take the photo yourself?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you like having your picture taken

  • Yes, by me or others
  • No, not by anyone all
  • Yes, but only if I’m taking it

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Yes chat

My profile picture on most of my social media is about 7 years old and I know I should really update it but I hate photos of me and it’s about the only one I like

I do not have a favourite photo of myself


I really don’t like posed photography, feels too fake
my favorite photo of myself is me eating mum’s xmas pudding because I look like I’m completely blissed out


I have so few photos of me as a teenager, I absolutely HATED having my photo taken. Facebook was also a massive source of stress when I went to uni in 2007, everyone taking pictures of others without them even realising and posting them all with absolutely no care whether you wanted to be in them or not :weary: the amount of times I had to grab the cameras of friends and beg them to delete photos was enough to put me off going out soemtimes at all


My favourite picture of myself is my passport picture, which was taken 5 years ago last month. Would be perfectly content to never have my picture taken again.

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Me too, but relent for family events and for the sake of memories, although my mum absolutely loves sending them to my aunts and even random relatives abroad. Glad she doesn’t have facebook or anything like that

Hate all pictures of me, especially when other people are in them too cause it makes me look like a giant balloon man.

don’t have one, think i look much better in selfies than other photos though

posed for some studio photos for a photography class which was kind of fun but didn’t really know what to do with the pictures

Me looking in a mirror: who is this handsome man?
Me looking at a photo of me: who is this featureless slab of meat? Why does it look so tired?


Fucking hate it, hate looking at myself

I need to record a birthday message for a friend whos in Thailand and I tried and failed about 5 times yesterday as I couldnt bear looking at myself in the video

Conflating a few things here:

  • my favourite picture of myself (with Spice the gerbil on my shoulder) is not the most attractive picture of me and it’s not what I’d use on social media but it’s what I’d want at my funeral. That’s the photo that I am answering questions on behalf of.

  • I do however have a couple of pictures of me that I tend to use as profile pictures although I have a different pics for different needs. These are mostly taken by me

  • I’ve just stopped asking people to take pics of me because I look awful on all of them unless it’s taken from up high. Why does anyone try and take a picture from any other angle???


Picture I use on social media is from far away and behind me cause it’s as much as I can bear.

There are only about 3 photos in existence of me between the ages of about 4 and 11 I hate having my photo taken and hated it even more back then, used to get the fuck out of there any time a camera appeared.


We had our not-wedding back in September, so we had a decent photographer taking our photos. That makes a MASSIVE difference to how the photos come out. I look like someone’s swapped my head for a potato in most photos.

Also, most photos of me I like have been in the last five years, after I lost a load of weight in the first few months of fatherhood

:sob: :sparkling_heart: wonder if I’ll ever like a picture more than this one


^this, but up to the age of 41 and counting…

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I think that it’s really obvious in photos of me if I’m in a good mh place or a bad one

think pain or discomfort makes me look totally different, even if I’m trying hard to hide it

guess that’s an obvious thing, but yeah… I dislike most of the photos of me from almost my whole twenties because of it

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I still can’t stand it but let it happen as long as nobody shows me the pictures afterwards.

My partner has an aunt who is insanely trigger happy with the photos. She genuinely has more photos of me from the last few years on her phone (as a result of group shots every five mins at any event whatsoever) than any of my family members have of me from my entire lifetime

I’ve deleted or untagged myself from the vast majority of photos from uni, especially first year

weirdly, there is a photo I love of me and my sister on her graduation day, I forget exactly when from, but I think contemporaneous with a lot of uni ones I hated

which just adds to what I was saying about my awkwardness and etc manifesting so vividly

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