Hawkeye: The Television Series

First ep of Hawkeye is quite different in tone to the other shows. Quite jaunty and YA, especially with the Christmas stuff, old fashioned score and silly thugs.

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I saw the phrase “tracksuit mafia” on the Disney+ description and that pleases me greatly, bro.


Is this a thing from the comic? Them saying bro all the time sounds really dumb in live action.

Yeah the Matt Fraction run, which this looks to be adapting / cherry picking from.


Really hoping Skepta and JME appear in this, like how Ghostface and Meth appeared in Luke Cage

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The four volumes of the Fraction/Aja run are on sale on Comixology just now for less than 8 quid all in btw


My Life As A Weapon is actually yer da’s autobiography

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I generally enjoyed that.

First episode felt a bit rushed like “What are all these swords here?” stuff and yet she seemed to know who Jack was etc.
Still, I enjoyed the second episode a lot more. Not entirely feeling Kate Bishop’s character yet - I get that she’s a gymnast, archer and fencer at least but nothing in that really says “good at fighting” in a way that makes what we see quite hang together.

Did in enjoy the ‘tracksuit mafia’ line about it being ‘a bit on the nose’ though.

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I think it was mentioned she got her black belt when she was 15.

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Yeah true. I still don’t think that’s necessarily something that sets you up for pure thugs though. It’s all very controlled stuff she’s presumably been up against?

She completed Streets of Rage and Double Dragon when she was 15.


i mean… what is Hawkeye’s backstory? this is basically no different to a load of Marvel characters

why did my posts not get copied across :frowning:

anyway i watched episode 2 as well last night, really love the tone of it, think Hailee Stanfield is great, not sure I’ve ever seen her before

the cliffhanger at the end of episode 2 made me really annoyed that i have to wait a week now, which is always a good sign

I dunno, I don’t read the comics

Ha someone just reminded me of the Katniss Everdeen bit in Times Square :grinning:


Yeah, this is the best one so far. Good street-level stuff. Like the Netflix ones before they went shit but slightly better because they are legally allowed to acknowledge The Avengers etc. Does any one have strong thoughts on Rogers: The Musical by the way?
Can’t wait for Florence Pugh to turn up

So accurately pastiches a shit musical it was utterly painful to watch. We feel the same way Hawkeye does for every moment which, I guess, is the point.

I don’t know anything about comics so I came in here excitedly to read about the computer vision system used in various sports finally getting its own star vehicle, pretty disappointed tbh

Is echo’s father the police officer from Reservation Dogs?