Hay Fever Ultras 2021

Prime suspect

Might set fire to it


Yup. This morning, five chained sneezes. Oh hello my old adversary

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I have eczema and both of these set my itching off as well as any citrus juice. The only relief is from running my hands under extremely hot water.

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is pollen bad at the moment or do I have a cold



OK here we fucking go

Usually the hayfever is a bit of a nightmare, but I’ve gotten prescribed some fexofenadine and it’s a total gamechanger! Getting it on prescription also saves a fortune vs all the Benadryl I bought previously.

Been on this since last summer with an Avamys nasal spray. Was weird because suddenly I could breathe through my nose and smell things again. Delightful. 10/10 would prescribe.

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Ooh that sounds good!

would love to go for a run without turning into 90% phlegm, please

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