Hay Fever Ultras 2021

It’s off the shelf. Normally about £3 for a 30-pack. It’s one up from Loratadine strengthwise, but non-drowsy unlike some of the branded ones.

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Cheers, I’ll look these up. Usually get by for a week or two at the start of the season taking those one a day Piriteze and the like. After that I end up necking ridiculous amounts and getting next to no relief.

It’s odd, I never experienced hayfever in my life until I was about 20 and it started wiping me out.

Absolutely brutal at the moment.

Benadryl / Acrivasine works best on me in therms of non prescription, but it’s really expensive as there are no generic versions of the drug. And it wears off after about 3 or 4 hours.

Thinking of buying fexofenadine (prescription only) off one of those sites where you don’t really need a prescription, you just answer a few screening questions.

What’s the deal with them? Always think there must be something in the smallprint that makes them A Very Bad Idea Indeed.

I get Fexofenadine from mypharmacy.co.uk, and they’re pretty good. Not too pricy and quick delivery. Not sure about how they do without a prescription though, as I have one.

Still getting destroyed by pollen at the moment mind you.

Fexofenadine is very much prescription-only, even the lowest dosage is considerably higher than high-street and over-the-counter hayfever medication. I’m on 120mgs/day all year round and my doctor basically won’t give me anything higher even though it can barely cover me on some days (that’s when I take two).

I’m on 180mg per day all year round. Guess different doctors have different limits as to what they’re willing to prescribe. And like you on some days it doesn’t seem to touch the sides. :confounded:

So hayfever sneezes while wearing a mask in the supermarket are good, eh?

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Right. Trees have had a good run but they can do one. Grass too. Off you fuck

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Male trees

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Shit today guys.

My left eye isn’t enjoying being open.

Pilled up, nose sprayed, eyes sprayed, dread still prevails. Hay, fever, leave those kids alone.


Ordered these after bugduv’s recommendation. Doing the trick so far.

Excited for it to piss it down tomorrow.


The patreearchy


The men are at it again.

Been suffering big style in the mornings and evenings the last few days. As @roastthemonaspit says, bring on the rain!


The silly toddler now bends over double and has a recovery phase when she is doing pretend sneezes.

Got a prescription of fexofenadine on monday and things have gone from unbearable to just a bit annoying. Would recommend.

Been really bad the last couple of weeks, hasn’t it? Was very lackadaisical with meds because it was fine for so long, now on 1 x loratadine and 1 x ceterezine a day. Takes the edge off but my eyes are so itchy and a combined summer cold has made me a snotty mess.

I’ve had to double up on this the last week.

Also I have to really stay on top of my nose hairs or else they do NOT help.