Hay Fever Ultras 2023 🤧

Tuesday this week was nearly fucking death by sneezes for me. Must’ve sneezed a thousand times. Through the roof.

Used to take Loratadine but they stopped being effective. Moved to Cetirizine the last couple of years and they do the trick.

This year, though, the ones i bought are absolute dobbers (still 10mg) and i’ve been having a bit of vertigo when i stand up or sit down quickly or even when turning on my side in bed.

Has anyone else had similar, or other issues with a specific type of antihistimine? The internet says dizzines is a possible symptom, but surely the medicinal makeup of the tablet has to be exactly the same no matter who makes, if not the same size?

All that said, i reckon a lot of people wrongly diagnose with hay fever. I seem to have odd days of unbelievable sneezing fits year round which i suspect might be more of a dust allergy, though the tablets still help. It’s like once my left nostril flares up there’s something pulsing in it, if that makes sense. Again, has anyone experienced similar?

General nose chat below.


Had really bad hayfever in my late teens which seems to have evolved into allergic rhinitis which sounds like what you have. This year has been very mild on the hayfever front until this week, when I’ve felt permanently drowsy with it

Oh, last couple of years Ive been prescribed avamys which has been a lifesaver for hayfever season

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I’ll look into this. Don’t think i’ve been to the GP about it (as in the sneezing fits out of the pollen season) in years despite it maybe flaring up on average once every three or four weeks. It’s debilitating as fuck for me, can barely get out of bed, nose ends up red raw, eyes streaming, headaches. Not something you could work with.

To be honest, i always thought hay fever and allergic rhinitis was the same thing.

I get it really badly, but oddly it’s not started yet this year for me. I’ve got tablets and nose spray ready, but I’m holding off till I see the signs because money.

Mine hasn’t been too bad this year (so far) and I put that down to my first summer as a remote worker not having to go into central London every day. The combination of pollution and pollen absolutely wrecked me.

I’ve also had a prescription for these bad boys for the past few years:

They’re pretty strong, and while they haven’t stopped it, they’ve genuinely made a massive difference to the quality of my life over the past few summers. I used to get sent home from work on some days because my whole face would basically blow up like a puffer fish, and I’d have menopause style hot-flushes, headaches etc. along with the sneezing and itchy eyes. Really not as bad now.

Also, as you can see, they are not suppositories, which is a bonus/shame, depending on your POV.

Take a loritadine every day and that is fine

Good thread

Isn’t now a bit early for grass pollen hay fever?

I’ve been led to believe that it’s the trees at the moment. I know I have a really bad reaction to plane trees, which are definitely doing their thig right now and are making me sneeze all over the shop. But come the summer I’m fine.



Normally get it real bad in early/mid June (my memories of the last few euros and world cups is watching the first few matches with my eyes itching to fuck) but this year it started about a month ago so have popping Loratadine everyday and have been generally alright. Stopped taking them a few days ago as I seem alright at the moment but we’ll see :pray:

I don’t usually get hayfever but have had a good 2-3 months of it this year. Thankfully i think it’s going away now

Had about a month of hell from tree pollen but the worst has passed, touch wood. Also found Loradatine stopped doing much for me but eye drops have been my saviour this yr. Godspeed comrades

Bad today and my hayfever is normally quite manageable

Same really, mostly quite mild this year but today I just want to claw my eyes out they itch/sting so much. @Tuna has it right though, I drops can be a saviour.


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I’ve only really had it for the last 2 or 3 years but it’s BAD.

I don’t actually get a lot of sneezing but I get insane tightness of breathing (I have to have an inhaler over summer) and itchy eyes and tickle throat.

I suspect my boyfriend is bringing it in the house after walking round the golf course for hours. He smells very nice and spring like but it’s making it worse!

Still pissed off about those eye drops!
Who the fuck is allergic to anti allergy eye drops???
Oh me of course why wouldn’t I be

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There’s a Benedryl one I had for a while that is fucking immense. Killed it dead but I don’t find it here :frowning:

This stuff

I’ve got a nose spray called Dymista - only thing I’ve used that makes a significant difference.

My TV bought an air purifier - going to try it out today. I’m a bit sceptical. Anyone have any experience with them?

Not exactly, no. The active ingredient will be the same but the other components might not be, which can effect how quickly you metabolise them etc.

So if there was a particular brand that worked for you without side effects, best stick with those.