Hay Fever Ultras 2023 🤧

Yes legally the active ingredient must be exactly the same no matter what the manufacturer, all other ingredients should by definition have no effects (used to work in pharma industry for company who made exactly this kind of stuff).

If you’re having dizziness that you think is related to the product then you should report it, contact information will be on the leaflet. Even if it’s a known side effect they will still want to know about it.

Can this be a general summer allergies thread? I’m allergic to mosquito bites and last week I got one and it got huge and red and very uncomfortable. Piriton definitely helped a bit but it still took about 4 days to go down.

The pollen count today (in the southeast) is VERY HIGH, I reapeat VERY HIGH not sneezed or had to blow my nose once yet today, I am assuming the horrors are yet to come.


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see you on the other side…


have contests with myself to get tbe most powerful sneeze out

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Been hitting the nasal spray pretty hard this week (triple squirts in each nostril), seems to work better than the tablets for me. Instant relief :triumph:

Going to see the nurse later because the pollen has brought my asthma back :frowning:

been getting a dead itchy throat this week. also downloaded this app called air matters which tells you what the pollen is going to be like every day. not that exciting but it makes life a little bit easier to know first thing what the pollen count and pollution is going to be like

Been trying to lay off the oral antihistamines because the otc ones that work turn me into a zombie, and using eyedrops instead.

It’s working a treat. Except for the frequent sneezing fits.

I can’t really taste anything since changing to Cetirizine.

Today looks like being the first really bad day of the year for me… Fexofenadine, pirinase straight up the nose and eyedrops. Still sneezing/itchy-eyed.

Have you tired any nose sprays? Also, the vaseline around your nostrils thing to ‘trap pollen’ seems to have some positive effect wrt reducing sneezing.

Not yet. I don’t suffer too badly from it, luckily, so I tend to just ignore the sneezy stuff unless it’s really bad.

Can’t stand the eye stuff though.

Busting out the Prevalin.

Anyone else tried this stuff? It feels disgusting because it kind of coats the inside of your nose and the back of your throat but it helps reduce reaction to pollen a bit.

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Despite having a million loratadine tablets at home that I get on prescription, I have taken a handbag to work that contains none of them. And I am sneezing for Scotland. And my poor wee eyes. Just shelled out £5.80 for a branded pack of 12 in the Tesco across from my work. Fucking robbery.

IN hilarious news, it turns out I’m allergic to one of the ingredients in prevalin :scream::laughing::joy:

Hate when you get caught out like that - it’s fucking expensive!

:sneezing_face::joy: There’s no “allergy” emoji so these’ll have to do.

Saw someone else mention this upthread but worth reiterating: Fexofenadine. Absolute game-changer.

For some reason it’s prescription-only (something to do with a lack of research around its effects on older people, I think) and I understand it’s quite expensive so it’s worth asking for by name in case your GP tries to fob you off with any of the usual over-the-counter suspects.

Also available over-the-counter in the USA these days so if anyone happens to be visiting it’s worth stocking up. Incredibly effective, non-drowsy, fast-acting. It’s so good I assume that it actually makes things allergic to you.

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That was me. I love it so much I named a track I made after it.