Hay Fever Ultras 2023 🤧

What a terrible day to have a respiratory system

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Get your bum jabbed eps!

(I’m not getting commission from Big Bum Jab)

Not going to take an immunosuppressant injection at the mo, I hear there’s quite a nasty virus going around

I…… had not thought of that

I’d thought about this, but have just had it done anyway. My hayfever’s so extreme that summer has been a source of abject misery for my entire life.

If this enables me to be able to take my son to the park for an hour or two without the following three days being a write-off due to sneezing, coughing, swollen sinuses, itchy-throat and skin, and the delightful headaches and hot-sweats that follow, then it’ll be worth the additional risk.

Just got to be a bit more conscious and careful with people and crowds again.


Something is fucking me up these last few days


Me too, was fine for weeks before

Haven’t had a problem all summer, but the bank holiday weekend was absolutely miserable for it

October and my hayfeaver is as bad as it was in June. Absolute nightmare.

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I had this last year. Turned out to have an ongoing nasal issue which I needed to treat with a steroid spray. Might be worth speaking to your GP about

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Cheers. I think it is at least partly that the weather here has been so insane that all the wild grasses are growing, still cutting the grass in the park every week, trees in bloom etc

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fuck sake.

2023 is tuna’s year of fexofenadine. anyone bulk ordered the stuff online with good experiences? ty x

Crikey, already?

Yeah seems to hit around this time. 24th Feb 21, 11th Feb 22, according to this thread.

Fuck me my eyes are driving me mad this morning. Couldn’t be, could it?

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Yesterday was the first really bad day of the year for me

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Aha here we go. February 24th again.

Was out in the garden yesterday hacking back the brambles the previous tenants of our house left us for a couple of hours. Came back inside after I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more and felt like I’d been punched in the face all day after. Usually I can manage till halfway through March before really noticing but, nope, not this year.

Fuck yesterday and today sneezing like fuck just assumed it was a cold but I think pollens back on the menu boys :sob::sob::sob:

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Wonder if the tickly throat and stuffy sinuses I had this week was actually hayfever.