HB @Yesiamaduck



Happy birthday Ducky, big fan x

happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:


Nice one!

I’ve already used my good cheer on meow, sorry.

Moderate Birthday, ducko! :slight_smile:

happy birthday duck!

double birthday on DiS woaaah!

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It is also my birthday.

Happy Birthday duck man!

I’m afraid there can only be one DiS birthday today…

…congratulations YIAAD, you did it!

happy birthday big man

:tada: :birthday:


HB Duckman! Hope you have a good one chief.

hb :+1:

Happy birthday Ducko!

correct form, well done

:cake: H! B! :partying_face:

Happy ducking birthday!

what a day

Thank you all x

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Thanks again,

I spent the day in the minor injuries unti because I tripped over and dinged my knee

Bad news: Spending bday in hospital sucks (thought the nintendo switch is the best thing ever for such an occurrence!)

Good news: Just bruised tendons and muscle :slight_smile: