He_2's Grand Tour of Britain 1st Leg: Manchester 21st-22nd Feb

Hello all,

I mentioned the other day that I have a number of work trips around the country planned for the next couple of months, many of which will involve overnight stays.

The first is in Manchester where I’ll be working at Square One on the Thursday and staying at the Ancoats Travelodge before taking the Friday off and mooching about (probably trying to visit the IWM) before catching the 19:15 train back.

I spent a night in the city a few months ago which was lovely, but perhaps this time it might be nicer to have a little company and not get a little pickled with only myself and Chelsea v BATE Borisov on the big screen for entertainment. (Although, if no-one’s about, I can live with that!)

If any of the MME are around and available on either / both of the below dates and fancy meeting up for an hour or two, let me know and I’d be delighted to sort something :slight_smile:

  • Thursday evening - beer / wine / soft drink & a bite to eat
  • Friday lunchtime - tea / coffee / sandwich type thingy
  • Friday early evening - pre-train beer / wine / soft drink

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Glasgow, Cardiff, Plymouth & Manchester the 2nd legs of the journey to follow in due course.

Definitely friday lunch, Thursday evening possible subject to £ and babysitters

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Actually, the 19:55 train. Woo, an extra 40 minutes - that’s at least three pints.

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Just thought I’d give this another little boost.

Of course, I’ve just realised this is a few days after DisIntegration night so folks might be skinto after that. On the off chance though :wink:

Little on on the Thursday night in terms of non-league games or gigs, but City Women are playing Everton Women at 7pm. It’s quite a good standard and there’s a direct tram (get off the Ashton-bound tram at Velo Park).

Nice one, mate. Thanks. If nothing turns up on the Thursday that’s a definite option! We’re a little early for regular Thursday night football.

sorry but I’m down in London this week

This answers my question about drinks after work on the 22nd :wink:

Ah, bugger! Would have been a yes otherwise fo’ sho’.

Mind you, heading to the Midland in Hendon the following evening post match for a couple if you’re around then.

I’ll be picking up Mrs Z from Heathrow unfortunately.

Ah, okay - I’ll have a look at alternatives :+1:

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Depending on work could make Thursday :slight_smile:

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I’ll be around from about 6pm tomorrow if anyone Manc based fancies a drink.Was going to find a tap-room or similar to spend a couple of hours in and read if all else fails.

Also, Friday lunchtime I’ll be free if anyone fancies a spot of lunch and will be around Piccadilly from about half 6 before getting the 19:55 train back towards the smoke.

Going to tag @Matt_was_taken and @Scout since they showed interest before - no worries if you can’t make it guys. Anyone else around, more than welcome.

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not going to be able to make this today :frowning: im sorry man, did you say youd be over again soon though?

No worries, mate.

Yeah, from April I’ll be up at least once a month so plenty of other chances :+1:

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