“He doesn’t have his shit together” - Part 2 - The Beevening

As you were guys.


yeah i was just in the middle of replying to someone - i’m putting it here


well this was about 12 years ago and i might be remembering wrong - one months rent + deposit was £720 i think, so i might have had £300 left over - or maybe i just plunged myself back into my overdraft.

i’d liek to register my disgust at the concept of thread locking

fucked it, mate

Yeah thread locking is fucking shit. @1101010



I mean it should be a community democratic vote to close a thread tbh. Once an artist creates art and puts it to the public, it belongs to the public and ownership is relinquished.

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Whats the point in locking threads?

It’s not up to someone else to decide when everyone else can stop discussing something.

Don’t start threads asking for opinions then get shocked when you get opinions and ask for it to be shut down.


all this “other thread was getting too long” bullshit doesn’t really work on the new boards does it? threads can be as long as they want, it doesn’t fuck anything up.


If @xylo didn’t want notifications he should’ve changed his settings. Please follow my lead in tagging him in every post ITT


Seriously though - there are only a few reasons a thread should be locked. Would have died so much quicker if it wasn’t locked tbh


Just want to respond to @Icarus-Smicarus question for me in the locked thread:

“Yes, I would recommend doing a shit out of your bumhole once in a while”


Nah it’s up to the thread starter really.

I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with discussing what you like in a person or why you’re in a relationship, as long as people aren’t implicitly (in actuality or apparently for xylo) or explicitly referencing that specific example xylo posted.

I too would like to register my utter disgust at Theo’s behaviour. There was barely any opportunity for anybody to crack onto me for my extreme financial stability.

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From Twitter


If the “carnage” continues in the shit together thread. I am going to have to LOCK IT! Sad!


Drain the swamp! MDiSGA! @elthamsmateowen for mod!


So Theo is our Trump and xylo is one of his Wall Street buddies? I’m losing frames of reference here

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I think you should be able to either click the reply link to a given post and then come into this thread and ask to put that reply in this thread (which is a nice feature of this site).

Or if you click the time of the post top right you can simply paste that link directly into your post here and it will be obvious what you’re replying too, and the original poster will get a notification.

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Therefore rendering thread locking ultimately useless? Good to know!



This is about the same as saying arresting someone is useless because they might go and commit another crime when they’re at liberty, no?

It’s always been the case that people could start a new thread (and frequently did) to continue beeves in deleted ones.

I think the implication of the lock here is to try to stop xylo feeling (rightly or wrongly) like every comment is a direct judgement on his friend?

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