“He doesn’t have his shit together” - Part 2 - The Beevening


Why does this come across as argumentative?

Not that it is any of your business, but I currently do save a part of my pay every month, I put away every monetary gift I get from my family (for Christmas and Birthdays) and every penny of work commission or incentive I get. I have always saved. I have no debt whatsoever. I am very good with money.

I am permitted to have an opinion on something that doesn’t affect me personally.


Not trolling (well, slightly trolling admittedly). I think if there’s something really bad in a thread, or the thread’s particularly toxic, then there’s grounds to delete the thread or the bad post(s) or the bad user(s), but I really don’t see the point in locking a thread and keeping it visible


Especially if the person requesting to lock the thread has carried over the discussion here


So conversations are no longer allowed to progress into other conversations any more?



Exactly. Lets lock that thread and start pulling me up on something I said in the other thread because I said if you don’t like opinions, don’t ask for opinions.


tried it. don’t think it worked.


I totally get this joke now!


Go in there

Paste that link here

Job done.


So we now need 2 threads to work out that the factors and the decisions that govern compatibility in personal relationships are entirely subjective.

Maybe we are actually through the looking glass here. Who knows.


maybe its the fault of the right wing media


this works really well if you read it in trump’s voice


Speaking of savings:

we transferred nearly our entire savings to our solicitor last night.



That’s very kind of you





Hi Gill!

You’ve not been a terribly good solicitor, have you, you shit?


Probably is. They’re always telling us “UR DOIN IT WRONG” after all:

“The Seven Things You MUST Avoid To Save Your Marriage” etc.

Oh fuck off.


You read me as coming off as argumentative but not yourself, at all?

I assumed in that last para where you were saying ‘i feed, clothe myself but not save’ you were being literal as opposed to hypothetical.

It’s none of my business, no. But the thread has already gone way off tangent with people getting capital letters angry about non-existent points. You have a right to comment on anything. So do I, on those comments. That is literally what is happening now. Theo asked if the thread should be locked and… look at it. It’s a complete mental shit show of people screeching at each other. But if that wants to keep rolling… I mean clearly it’s able to because here we are?


and @Aggpass

Right I specifically didn’t @ xylo in my reply.
I don’t think @zxcvbnm was doing anything other than trying to continue the beeves. If not he’d have started a thread called something like “Let’s discuss what you look for in a partner” or something and made passing mention.

As far as reasoning here: I made a couple of posts early on that I think are explicit about why it was locked:

The concept of locking threads isn’t an unreasonable one, although normally it’s used in forums where moderators are pretty ban-happy and people get a lot nastier.

It’s fine to use if people actually respect the point of the lock, which I think was made pretty clear which is why I’m a bit over this shit being heaped on here.


all this nonsense about love just ‘happening’, just because you’re choosing to let it all be a vague cloud because it feels more special doesn’t actually mean in reality there aren’t choices being made…

I guess it’s a bit like the ‘which story do you prefer?’ thing in life of pi

like someone might say a romantic thing and if you dissected it, it COULD mean…. :

He was funny and kind and he had beautiful eyes and it always felt like summer when I was with him = hasn’t got his shit together
He was funny and kind and he had beautiful eyes and he had exquisite taste = could be either
He was funny and kind and he had beautiful eyes he made me feel like everything would always be ok = got his shit together


oh the beeves… the sweet sweet beeves