He. He

Still fascinating isn’t it?



You see? You’re laughing already.


Who was it about again, Patrick Wolf?

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It was about He.

He. puts him in the magic position


so obviously you were in the bond moovie

It was a gas

slave to the rhythm

Nothing to add but want to say thanks for reminding me of this and making me laugh on a grey Tuesday morning


i recommend listening to the slave to the rhythm album by grace jones to here yer’ man paul saying some equally goofy stuff

Whatever happened to Patrick Wolf?

Never got him at all but English people seemed to love him

dunno. i saw him for about five minutes at reading 2008 and he threw up

i really liked the magic position at the time, but i’m told that’s the shit one and his earlier stuff is better

He was involved in some kind of car accident which sidelined him for a while. He’s got new stuff coming out soon though apparently.

Yeah ‘TMP’ is patchy at best, ‘Wind In The Wires’ is his masterpiece. Lovely heartfelt songs, beautifully arranged. ‘The Batchelor’ is great too, if maybe a bit too ambitious. ‘Lupercalia’ or whatever it’s called is cack.

Ru .

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eo .

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Wind In The Wires was a lot more mature but there’s still some great stuff on Lycanthropy

Saw him at Glastonbury 2007 and in the middle of jubilantly dancing of stage during an instrumental part, he full on launched a full litre bottle of water that flew smack into the face of a girl behind me, completely floored her.

He’s the lad who has the video of him punching his drummer in the face right? Seems like a nice guy

The Ataris wannabe!