He’s just an exam invigilator

Inter modulator


I’ve been an exam invigilator before, I was hired especially for the GCSE exam season. It was surprisingly difficult because its a very drowsy atmosphere, all that June heat and silence, had to really fight to stay awake

twisted exam invigilator

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Invigilated a undergrad SBA once, and when the time started/papers opened, one kid audibly said “oh, fuck me…”, and the hall lost it. Was with some other proper Malcolm invigilator who got proper pearl clutchy and threatened to fail them all lol. It just settled down and they just got on with it.

He can invigilate my exam, if you catch my drift

Never thought of exam invigilators the same way since my mate who’s a teacher told me about the game ‘stand’ that they play.

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Remember how they used to escort you to the toilet

Pointless as people would just go in a cubicle and look at answers in there anyway

“What would you say are the highs and lows for this job?”

“Everything in moderation”

Austrian schools tend to have boxes of these around for test days.


I know a boy who looked at the seating plan for the physics exam, saw his desk was at the front row facing a wall in the gym hall where it was taking place, and went in before and blu-tacked a formula sheet on the wall directly in front of his desk. The invigilator didn’t pick up on it.