Head transplants!


So some bloke reckons he’ll be able to do this next year:

Whose head would you put on whose body? This doesn’t need to be “snthexual” but could just be for japes (not the japes). Would like to see Kim Kardashian and John Prescott do swapsies, just to watch the horror on their faces.


Probably your Dad’s


This is a good read if you’re interested in the topic:

I’d take Piers Brosnan’s head circa Goldeneye.


I don’t think you’ve quite understood this HYG.


I was going to say I’d get my head stuck on some ripped dude but what’s the point? It would have gone to pot within a month.


Probably just swap the Chuckle Brothers heads around

To me/you to you/me


Piers’ head. My body. Ideally from about 20 years ago. Capish?


how old were you 20 years ago? if you’re typical dis demographic, wouldn’t that look weird?


I’d be the handsomest nine-year-old going.


Not sure this is as close as they imply?


Technically, the most difficult part of the procedure is to get the spinal cords of the head and the donor body to fuse. That is where the research teams behind this week’s papers claim to have made progress.

Or have they? According to many of the external experts we consulted, there are huge question marks over the quality of the science, and some glaring holes that ought to have been filled before publication. The research teams involved defend themselves, but it is hard not to conclude that they rushed the papers into publication.


I read an article on this last night, it said the surgeon had do the operation ‘1000 times on mice’, not bad, then ‘none survived’. Oh.


You could drive one of those aston martin electric cars from halfords!


It’s not a great hit rate is it?


‘Technically’. LOL.


If this thing takes off and we end up with a shortage of suitable heads they are going to have to be quite careful with the wording of any awareness campaigns


saw on the news they are doing tests on ‘braindead doners’ for the next year. Imagine if that was your job