• I find headaches intolerable
  • just a bit annoying
  • I love 'em!

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  • I get headaches a lot
  • sometimes
  • rarely
  • never had one as I don’t have a head

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  • when I get a headache it makes me feel nauseous
  • nope

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  • tablets usually clear up a headache for me
  • nothing works I just lie down and wait to die

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are you sure you aren’t getting migraines instead Bam?

I think so? I think I’m just super sensitive to them. It’s not like the pain itself is that bad I just find they wreck my ability to do anything

Ocular/Visual Migraines
  • Once a month or more
  • One every couple of months
  • One or two a year
  • Had a few
  • Never had them

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this one sounds scary!

used to get a lot of headaches, annoying and difficult but manageable

spiralled off into a lot of migraines from the start of lockdown until relatively recently - nearly always sick, needing 2-4 hours napping in a dark room, couldn’t do anything else at all

luckily they have tailed off now and only had one this year I think. Got pills for them which can’t stop them, but haven’t thrown up the last few times which I very good progress, and sometimes managed to head out after 2 hour nap instead of only making it onto the sofa to sprawl around. Got to a gig in Glasgow after an attack once! Not sensible probably but was impressed I managed it, and it was one of the lockdown-delayed tickets I’d held onto for 2 years so like fuck was i gonna miss it

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Headaches are fine for me, rarely get them. Ocular migraines on the other hand…it’s like someone is pulling the nerve cord on the back of my eye for a few hours. Horrific things.

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does ocular just mean the visual disturbance? like the floaters and fuzzy edges to vision - or something else more specific

Migraines dont have to entail pain - feeling nauseous is common with them though

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As far as I was told by the GP. I don’t know if there are other types but those are the ones I have. Starts slowly in one eye and eventually grows over about half an hour to where I can only see a small circle sort of in the middle of my usual vision. Then the headaches and the yanking at my eye nerves starts and can last a couple of hours.

These things at the entrance to supermarkets seem to be real triggers for mine

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I get occular ones once a week or so, sometimes very briefly (if I’ve been lying on one side for a while i get them in that eye but they tend to die down) and more annoying longer ones maybe once a month (though usually its one spell of them rather tham just one - will have them a few days in a row)

oh well maybe I get migraines then. huh!

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Rarely get headaches thankfully, but will get a big bumper one every few months or so. Always begins the same, will gradually realise that i can’t properly see whatever i’m looking at and then half an hour or so later i basically have to go to bed.


Feel for you, one or two a year for me is brutal enough!

my dad used to get them whenever we played this game (Flounders, you can see the wavy bright patterns on some of them) no sympathy for him at the time from my 8 year old self but now … eesh

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Its so weird that it takes a while to realise you cant see isnt it?

My friend had a stroke a few weeks ago and as a result its made him lose half of his vision, but he doesnt even know it as his brain has filled in the gaps (weirdly). He wrote this about it…

“The stroke has destroyed half of my eyesight. In true surrealist style, the missing halves are the right section of each eye. Because eyes dart about and the brain is clever, I don’t have black spots. I can see everything. But if my brain hasn’t received full information about a section of what I’m looking at, it makes things up. This causes hallucinations. I have looked into the twilight sky and seen a hospital floating mid-air, in full detail. I have seen imaginary crows flapping around the edges of my vision. I have seen a cheerful dog on a lead being walked by a bush because my brain couldn’t register the difference between a dog owner and shrubbery. A quick dart of the eyes, and my visual register filled in the correct information. I think my brain is having far too much fun with this.”


I dont get the pain very often tbf, just lose my sight and get the weird waterfall effect in the remaining bits of vision.