Headphone advice

So both my in ear running and over ear noise cancelling headphones have died this month and I need replacements.

The in ear don’t need to be that expensive as I do do long distance but am willing to spend on my over ears.

Help me DiS you’re one of my hopes!

I use the Optoma Nuforce BeSport4s for exercising and would recommend.


  • Sound good for the price
  • Sits comfortably in your ear when you run
  • Good battery life + quick charge
  • Seem fairly robust


  • Not especially loud
  • Have had some sporadic issues with the Bluetooth link, seems to go a bit weird if you have more than one app playing sound at once
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Widely considered best over ear noise cancelling headphones currently are the sony wf3000xm2 ones and the ones I have the most personal experience with and love them. But the price point is very steep. O had the pxc550s which would be about cheaper these days and they were fine, the noise signature wasnt quite to my tastes and noise cancelling offered a bit too much head preassure

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I have a pair of WH1000XM3’s. Wouldn’t consider myself a huge audiophile (and they are my first pair of noise-cancelling ones so not much to compare to) but I love them. Comfortable, even when wearing glasses, and great sound quality.


these are my best friend

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yes! Headphone advice threads are back :slight_smile:

Got some nice bluetooth ones for £30

OneAudio A7


Used to have some fancy Bose QC noise cancelling ones but I wore them in the bath too many times and they broke. Really can’t complain for the price of these

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I had a pair of AKG-50’s and the connectors from the headband to the cups broke. Otherwise I’d be all over those.

these are on sale atm and have done me well. also rocked by dis icon jeremy irons.


Also have these, great sound and couldn’t do without their nose cancelling ability as an autistic person.


had a pair of 451s before these where that happened and AKG replaced them no questions asked

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I 4th the Sonys being exceptionally good.


Was just about to post a link to those Lindy ones. Had a pair for 18 months now and rate them. I’m no mega audio buff, but they sound good to me, are comfy, etc.

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I’ve used the Jabra elite in ear ones for running for about 18 months. Rate them. Never fall out unless it’s really hot and humid out and the sound is decent. Zero connectivity problems with my iphone. Picked up a second pair (long story) for $60 a couple of weeks ago which isn’t exactly cheap but it’s not mental. Used to be a big hefty over ear loyalist but totally converted, love being able to throw them in a pocket.

Also maybe not for you, but for anyone who runs or walks mostly away from traffic, Aftershokz have been an absolute marvel for me. No issue at all when going on the road, able to hear bikes / cars, can still hear nature sounds. And feel much lighter / more comfortable than ear phones. You get used to the composites sound quality loss quite quickly as well - listen to all kinds of music as well as audio books and the vast majority sounds fine.

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I have these ones but would imagine there’s a newer version now.


I use these as well, and like them so much that I have replaced them once too. I use them when running mostly, and they’ve done me well.

One more little negative is that the Bluetooth connection strength seems to struggle when there’s a “me” in the way. In other words, when there’s clothing and stuff like that in between me and the device, or if they’re in the next room, they play fine but if the receiver is towards the back of my head and my phone is in my pocket it can stutter a bit.

One other negative is that I wish they didn’t have to be green and could be more subtle.

what was the exact model I purchased from you?

can’t wait to get them!

Yes it is! And its also the one that people keep on dittoing about being exceptionally good!

there must be a typo but can’t work out what it is cos their naming convention is so silly :smile:

I totally fucked up


I owned a lot of Sony bluetooth things and their naming conventions SUCK

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