Headphone advice

Sorry i meant Sony WF1000xm2

I got a bunch of names of different things muddled in my head

The over ear Sonys are actually WH-1000XM3 to make it more confusing. I have the XM2s and yes they’re expensive but probably my one gadget I couldn’t do without (less so now as I’m not trains every day but still).

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Yeah they’re just outstanding at everything they do. Sound, Comfort, Build Quality, Noise Cancelling, Battery Life

The touch controls are the only thing im not 100% onboard with but they’re fine

Also the M3’s are the in ears the M2’s are over?!?!?!? (and more expensive) I’m so confused. Why is the M3 the cheaper product and completely different design to the M2 ?!?!?!?!?!

hah na, I think the differentiator is the WH/WF… the XM1/2/3 refers to the model number (maybe?). i’ve never had an issue with the touch controls, think they work really well. can look like you’re stroking your headphones though.

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Asking again. Looking for some in ear headphones for running. Nothing too expensive but with fins if possible.
I’ve been doing loads of research and it’s amazing how many really shit earbuds are out there. :

I’ve been using my jabra 65 elites for running for a couple of years. Seem to be way expensive in the uk for some reason.

They’re good. Sound nice and only fall out on mega humid days. Comfortable.

One of the earbuds just broke and that’s at least two years of use, which is good enough for me.

Might not be relevant, but they’re also good for calls if you need to do that, they have a mic and I walk around like a yuppie

They’re £120 here :open_mouth:

Update - one of the earphones died last week. Think I’ve had them about 2 years, can’t decide if I think that’s decent value or not. In any event they’re now over twice what I paid for mine so I’m back in the market for some reasonably priced headphones.

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Yeah. Think I got a refurbed pair for like 40 bucks when I lost the case in the freaked out first week of lockdown.

I just spent 80 quid on a new pair of earbuds with no case. Bit steep but I know them and like them.

Might be better value out there tbh

Are these wireless ones really staying in when running? I don’t mind spending some bunce but just can’t imagine them not falling out.

I don’t really fancy the wireless ones because I am a clod and will certainly lose one.

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Mine totally do stay in, basically a non issue except when it’s proper humid

If you’re on a budget the Soundmagic in-ears provide outstanding value for money

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Bought a pair of Bowers & Wilkins PX7’s whilst Amazon were selling them reduced. Really impressed. I used to have some of the normal PXs and I didn’t like them at all, but the PX7 is great - wonderful sound and really light and comfortable.

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I’m after a “cheap” (£50 or less) pair of headphones that are comfy to wear all day. That’s my only real requirement. AGK 72 keep coming up which are below budget, is there anything else?

They aint pretty but they’re very comfortable and sound incredible for the price

I forgot these existed! Might be a bit too sound-leaky for my use :thinking:

I’ve not used these but I’ve heard good things about comfort on account of the Velour pads they use

Ignore me just seen these are open back

In Ears or Over Ears squire

Although at that price I’d still personally recommend going wired as with bluetooth you’re buying an amp, battery, bluetooth reciver, charging case and DAC not leaving very much money for the driver and headphone it’s self in the case of in ear buds

These are probably the best in your price range for buds

First heard about these on this video (timestamped) - dont ge the Raycons

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