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Posting in here, rather than classifieds as it might get more traction. I’ve realised I can’t use in ear headphones. I’ve been through loads of different ear buds, and nothing quite works with my strange shaped ears. I tried and failed to get them fitting about a year ago, so they’ve been sat in my drawer since then.

So here for sale are my Sony WF-1000XM4 wireless. Excellent reviews, and when I got them positioned in my ear by holding them, they sound amazing. But I can’t hold them all the time.

I’ve used them in total for 10 hours in my attempts so almost new. I have included the Sony L and S sized buds that came with it, but the M size are missing.

I do have some already attached that you might want to wash and keep or throw away. (the clear ones in the picture). I am also including Comply tips that I must have bought to try. So everything in the picture.

They are 193 new, go for about 120-135 second hand. So how does 99 quid including UK signed for postage sound? Payment by Paypal. Can send out this coming week.

Feel your pain with these. I have the XM3s and they sound great but never feel secure in the ear. Occasionally fall out when walking, often fall out when doing housework. Good bedtime headphones though.

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Thanks, yes. before these I had a pair of bluetooth (with wire round the neck) that were as best as I could do in terms of fitting i.e. didn’t joggle out at all, but didn’t sound anywhere near as good.



I dunno if u need a replacement or not. Ut when people ask for the best bang for buck bluetooth earphones i do this monstrosity of a combo works oit around 150 quid but sounds better than any other bluetooth earphone on the market and has the added fun of being able to buy different iems to have a whole range of different bluetooth headphones at a fraction of the cost and with better performance

And you can keep the cable in your bag just in case the bats run out!

Hi, I’ll take these. My current ear buds are on their last legs and i’ve been looking for ones with better sound quality.

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Good evening

I may be in the market for some Bluetooth headphones soon. Currently use Sennheiser HD25spii (and have done since 2011) so would like something that’s that sort of size on the ear. Budget up to £150 maybe at a push, but closer to £100 really.



I like my Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ - just about £70 now

Oh they’re in ear though, dunno if that’s what you wanted

Nah, on ear, but not too big like

Sennheiser 250BT are easily within your budget and are excellent. They’re a bit more bassy than the HD25 but I reckon they’re hard to beat at that price point.


Heard fokd thi gs about these for the price. But ive not tried them. Jave no idea what the sound quality is like but tje battery life and noise cancelling seems good - great