Headphones - Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless

I may have misinterpreted reviews I saw of them. Now i know :+1:

I recently purchased the new Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. They are so comfortable and the noise cancelation is phenomenal. One of the best purchases I’ve made in my 48 years of life here. I use them for everything, much more than I imagined.

I bought these about 18 months ago. Not the noise cancelling variety but the sound is very good indeed. Not super comfy to begin with but they kind of break in like shoes if that makes sense.

I got a pair of these the other week, and they sound excellent. First pair of Bluetooth earphones I’ve owned. Not quite the gorgeous sound quality of my Sennheiser HD650s but a damn site more portable!

Can highly recommend Beoplay headphones. I’ve got the H6 and the TV has the H2 - although neither are noise cancelling the sound is absolutely superb, and still very good on public transport or out and about. Most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned, can easily wear them all day without getting tired.

Seems almost the entire range can be picked up brand new or refurbed from B&O on eBay for anything from £50-150, including the wireless and noise cancelling ones (sometimes saving £hundreds on RRP). Mine were marked as refurb but the box was completely sealed still, and I’d guess they were never used.

Oh hey who won that earplugs competition?

It was a con!

(Idk there was just no news on it)

These arrived today, picked them up for just under £100. Super happy with them, hearing things I’ve never heard before and all that. Huge improvement on my previous pair.

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After spending an hour hopping between different bluetooth noise cancelling headphones I left with the Sennheiser PCX 550

Noise canceling isn’t quite as good as the Bose but close enough, the mid-range and high end was more present than the Bose and didn’t sound too different in the bass region either (though the Bose’s felt slightly tighter) but the timing was much better on these headphones which made everything sound that lil bit more impactful. It really was a coin coss between these and the Bose QC35. On any different day the outcome could’ve been much different. Unfortunately none of me local retailers had the Bower & Wilkinss :frowning: AND I WANNNNNTED THEM NOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW

The sony MDR 1000’s were also really really good, just liked the comfort of the other 2 more and the noise cancelling wasn’t as good.

Basically QC35, PCX 550 and MDR 1000 are all exceptional choices if u have the money to spend on something you can easily lose/break :smiley:

I dont, I just have a headphone fetish :frowning: