Headphones or speakers?

The age old questions returns with a vengeance.

Gonna say headphones for immersion and speakers for extraversion.

Speakers at home, headphones everywhere else.

people who sit alone at home listening to music on headphones rather than speakers are dangerous and need to be locked away


My general rule: Headphones for solo listening, speakers for communal listening


Speakers are undoubtably the best way to listen to music- you’re tied to that area and just the ‘feeling’ of sound is so good.

just love feeling the bass and stuff in my chest, so fucking goooooood

I definitely enjoy music way more out of speakers than earphones, like I connect with music from speakers more than earphones.

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You’re wrong mate.

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in the house - speakers
travelling - headphones

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has anyone tried those ones that transmit vibrations through your cheekbones? bonkers

I’ll be 100% with y’all, never really liked headphones. Always either a bit uncomfortable in-ear or too heavy and cumbersome on the old noggin. Really dislike them tbh and means I rarely listen to music on the go.
Any recommendations for headphones that are genuinely pleasant to wear gladly accepted mind.

Enjoy going deaf at Reading m8

I use nice little Philips in ears from Currys. Good sound, don’t fall out

Find myself using headphones more these days - bought a decent pair and a headphone amp. Only way I can listen to music as loud as I like it, without upsetting the neighbours!

what are you looking for? in ear? over ear?

if the latter…anything by AKG dude

i’ve got these and they’re pretty sweet bro


is this something that’s happened in your head, or what? I’d like to believe this is a thing…

guy at work who cycles in told me about them. so you can use your real ears to hear the road. I’ve done that thing where you bite on a stick and connect it with a vibrating pad and you can hear sound, so I guess it would work.

sounds entirely plausible, man. I’m in!

apparently they’re called ‘bone conduction’ headphones

this guy seems convinced…


Different audio output methods for different needs