Heads up: June is...

A dis national holiday and that holiday is actually a challenge and that challenge is:

Get The Problem Corner of Your Flat Sorted Out.

Pls log your progress in here. Completion of the task will result in a prize.

I’m going to be tackling my desk in my bedroom.

It annoys me and i can’t say why.

Just boring and pointless. Can’t relocate it because the only space for it is my other problem corner (cat tower and play kitchen)

Full of clothes today too though this isn’t usually the case

oh god. first going to have to decide which of my horror corners is most in need of attention :scream:


All my corners are problems.

I want to join the challenge though so I’m going to pick my bedroom window corner

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You can complete as many corners as you like but you get a prize just for one.


Oooh you don’t wanna see the state of my problem corner