Health Tracking

What personal health tracking stuff do you have / do?

I have a Garmin Fenix for my step tracking / running / cycling tracking.
Got a Garmin smartscale for all my weight type stuff.
Got a Withings sleep tracker under my mattress.
Got a Omron blood pressure tracker for periodic blood pressure readings.
Got an oximeter for whenever I get paranoid about Covid symptoms.
Use My Fitness Pal to track what I eat and all that calories jazz.


The colour of my piss
My sleep pattern.


My NHS medical records


I just recently got a Garmin Forerunner, thank you for asking. When I have been on a 10k run my ‘body battery’ is 5/100 and stays that way for a long time. I am concerned I will die if it hits 0. Is that likely?

It is 59/100 at the moment but I only went for a 5k.

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the notches on my belt

Garmin running watch (cheap forerunner)
Enter my calories on mfp (sporadically)

lots of bike shit - heart rate, power, all sorts of shit
Weighing myself every day at the moment, track all that on an app.

Cba be arsed with steps (don’t do any) or apple fit health and that

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if you see any floating heart icons when out running, you should run into them


I haven’t seen the Body Battery thing with Garmin…

Oh, it’s not supported by my watch :frowning:

Apple Watch. Occasionally look at it when it says stuff like “stand up for a minute” and I’m like yeah whatever nerd


Forgot ring fit!

That’s my favourite one at the moment, ridiculous bit of tech

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Hate devices which do this sort of thing. Like it does anything but piss you off.

What’s that?

One default function which I quickly fucked off was one that told me to BREATHE


just incessant health anxiety.
and myfitnesspal

according to MFP I regularly go over the daily fat allowance but I’m skin and bone so :man_shrugging:


I have a TomTom GPS watch with a heart rate monitor, which I use when I run or head out on my bike. The app for that, as well as Strava, give me a few metrics, but that’s all I use.

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Sphincter health tracker

Bet you did breathe though, didn’t you?

Tbh think I’m addicted


Fitbit counting heart rate and steps and exercise and stuff
Blood pressure monitor because without drugs I’d probably be dead

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It’s a fitness game for Nintendo switch , you strap on a couple of sensors and this steering wheel device which you squeeze and pull (with resistance) and then you ache