Health Tracking

I was toying between the ring tracker and the Withings one for sleep tracking, but the ring one I found was sooooo expensive. Ideally I’d wear my watch, but I can’t sleep with a watch on.

Just ditched my Fitbit for a Garmin Venu and it’s great, my Fitbit must have really been overestimating my calorie output if I trust the Garmin (which I do)

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none as I don’t want to know how unfit I am/if I am ill

58 now, this thread is fucking draining me!

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Body Battery is a feature that uses a combination of Heart Rate Variability, Stress, and Activity to estimate a user’s energy reserves throughout the day. It records and displays a number from 1-100 that represents the individual’s energy level.

How does it measure your stress?

Mine reckons I’m most stressed when doing yoga, go figure

Yoga is dead hard though tbf

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Have a step counter on my phone which is mostly useless as I try to leave my phone at home as much as possible at the moment. If I do take my phone I have Runkeeper for running but I use that more for walking the dog at the moment (he walks a little faster than 3mph).

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I dunno. To be honest I’m thinking of ditching it apart from when I’m running.

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i’ve been driving home from doing a massive all day hike before and it’ll still beep at me saying “get moving!”

go and fuck yourself, watch


My only experience has been with a Fitbit. I didn’t find it that useful. I already knew I did quite a few steps each day walking the dog. This confirmed that.

However a Fitbit was useful for my parents who were under the impression they were doing 7,000-8,000 steps a day and actually it turned out they were only doing 4,000. So now they’re exercising more.

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I wonder how it works it out, genuinely no clue

Yes! I remember now, in the evening after finishing the London Marathon my watch was nagging me to “get moving” because I’d mostly been sitting down the rest of the day. Funny, but also useless.

i could probably figure out how to turn it off but i like yelling at it

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Yeah, that’s my main reason for the calorie tracking to be honest. Sometimes my weight fluctuates but I’m all like “omg how’d that happen?!” but when I track it, I become a lot more conscious of what I’m consuming, particuarly when eating things like nuts and how calorific they are.

I use clue for periods but that’s it. Bit concerned that tracking exercise or diet would lead to unhealthy behaviours for me personally.

I got a pulse oximeter recently in case of covid but i haven’t actually tried it out. Got a thermometer too but when i tried it i came out hypothermic so i think i didn’t let it warm up long enough.

The colour of @safebruv’s piss and his sleeping patterns

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