Decent new HEALTH collab with NOLIFE

Maybe they won’t be splitting up like I predicted.


New album is coming 2018 hopefully!! - was mentioned in an email/newsletter they sent out a few weeks back.



First listen impression: He is SUCH an unimaginative vocalist, that’s pretty much the same melody as Life.



Really like the past few singles they’ve put out. I think a whole album of collaborations would be cool.

Although Death Magic is a bit of a disjointed album, its high points are extremely high and it sounds fantastic on a good system. I’ve been going back and listening to Get Color recently too, which I think gets better with age.


Glasgow gig announced (I assume there are other UK dates as well):


Sun 24 Mar 19 Yes Pink Room, Manchester

Mon 25 Mar 19 Brudenell, Leeds

Tues 26 Mar 19 CCA, Glasgow

Weds 27 Mar 19 Exchange, Bristol

Thu 28 Mar 19 Oval Space, Tower Hamlets

Fri 29 Mar 19 Clwb, Cardiff

Sat 30 Mar 19 Patterns, Brighton


Full European tour, will go to the Utrecht date if I’ve got nothing else on I reckons.



Love the song, wish there was more of it. Never really dug into their music much but think I might have to now.


Really enjoyed Death Magic, so am excited for this new stuff. got tickets for the Leeds show already! they were amazing back when I saw em in Manchester a few years back (humblebrag: we supported them) - super nice dudes too.


Has their sound changed much since about 2009? I really enjoyed them back then but I imagine it being a bit of its time.


I think there’s less of a focus on their weirder influences now, it’s definetly more melodic and with more typical pop structures, and leaning on more EDM influences rhythmically rather than the mathy stuff

I don’t begrudge em for going down that route but I’ve not really enjoyed anything they’ve done since that Max Payne soundtrack before the 3rd record.