Healthy Bags of Seeds from Holland and Barrett or wherever


How am I supposed to eat this? The pumpin and sunflower seeds are bad enough but the flax and hemp seeds? Literally all I can do is lick my finger and get them to stick. This is disgusting.

Not sure if we can spin this into a thread though.



Use a teaspoon


Face first into the bag


same way you get the dregs out a crisp packet


Try serving them on some oats baked with butter and golden syrup. Much more palatable.


smoothie bowl


Weirdly good with pasta and pesto


Healthy bags of seeds from Holland #legaliseit


Got a seed shot from Tesco. 50p.


Use one of these. Might need to eat extra seeds to cancel out the sugar though.


use a syringe :syringe:


snort them



Using a complex series of ropes and pulleys.




Have you ever spilled your seed all over the desk?


Should suggest this as a challenge for the new Crystal Maze series.


that’s what I’m doing. it’s just on my desk.




my father in law’s speciality is frying up a load of seeds in oil, salt and soy sauce and using them as a nice salty crunchy garnish for pretty much any dish. surprisingly versatile.