Healthy Bags of Seeds from Holland and Barrett or wherever

Weirdly good with pasta and pesto


Healthy bags of seeds from Holland #legaliseit

Got a seed shot from Tesco. 50p.

Use one of these. Might need to eat extra seeds to cancel out the sugar though.

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use a syringe :syringe:


Have you ever spilled your seed all over the desk?

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Should suggest this as a challenge for the new Crystal Maze series.

that’s what I’m doing. it’s just on my desk.


my father in law’s speciality is frying up a load of seeds in oil, salt and soy sauce and using them as a nice salty crunchy garnish for pretty much any dish. surprisingly versatile.

Reminds me to start a garnish thread. Cheers Smee.

Nick Cave & The Bagged Seeds


Thick Dave and his Bagged Seeds



Brilliant posting

I’d probably do one of the mental challenges. And I’d tell my crew to shut the fuck up while I was doing it :smiley:

And that sounds like an excellent party theme! Did anyone bring a harmonica?

A very well executed joke. Congrats Smee.

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Put them in a bowl of rice