Healthy (iest) Junkfood?

Probably no such thing.

I have a pretty bad sweet-tooth, definitely think it probably qualifies as a full-blown addiction, like i’ll get to a certain point in the day where i’m jonesing for a fix of chocolate.
Anyway i increasingly don’t think i have the ability to give up cold-turkey style, so are there like healthy ‘substitutes’ for the bad/sugary stuff? those chocolate bars you get in organic shops/sections, i’m presuming they’re not all that healthy despite appearances?
Anyone have any knowledge to impart?


I think dark chocolate, like the 90% stuff isn’t supposed to be too bad. Plus it’s so rich you can’t have too much of it.

rice cakes are okay to keep you chewing

Dark chocolate
Nakd chocolate orange bars
Fast food = sushi

The half salt half sweet popcorn isn’t too bad for you as long as you stick to the small bags


Just tomatoes and onions innit?

cuzza is not junkfood, man. unless you’re eating one of those cream-based baby curries, like a korma, natch

Wholefood stuff with nuts and seed all that business. You can get ones with a bit of chocolate… your 9 Bars, Nakd, etc.

You can probably get a pretty healthy shish kebab

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There’s a fuckload of salt and oil in takeaway curries, but make your own and I think they’re pretty healthy.