Heard the Gallagher brothers have been talking about reforming Oasis and more importantly

Guigsy is on board.


Let me know if Tony McCarroll is involved and we’ll talk

Probably the worst thing I’ve heard since the first time I heard an Oasis song


But maybe they’re going to headline Glastonbury and it’ll be the most amazing day for proper music ever?

Guigsy’s Inner (doesn’t quite work)

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Guigsy’s In, eh?

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R.I.P. 2020

Give it guigsy til the end of the season


No Bonehead no shownhead

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Love the bit in Supersonic where Noel talks about how Guigsy’s top priorities in life were “Man City, Doctor Who, smoking weed, cricket…I don’t think being in Oasis even entered the equation”


There’s an Oasis tribute headlining Leeds/Reading. The lads lads lads should just be happy with that

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Who’s that?

… Dingus Khan are back!

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Liam Gallagher

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Giggsy’s Digne

What a life, Ben Mee
and Chris Woods at mine for tea
I’ll pick you up at half past three
With Bacary Sagna

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Find it really sad that Liam Gallagher is headlining Reading/Leeds, like that’s a festival for people aged 21 and under, why are they into an aged piss poor tribute band for a crap band their dads were into? :woman_shrugging:

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