Furious, like why did it not pop up as an option when you typed it in?


Just opened an incognito window to try again and can’t even find it in there.

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don’t really understand what happened? is it because it’s the remastered version?


It really is the shittest thing since Spotify took over.

Grabbed a good thing…stuck their name on it …took all the fun out of it

Been some real stinkers lately but today is the worst.

It was already skating on thin ice since the acquisition so I think that’s enough for me to be done with it.

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It’s good of them to be back to form now with a song I’ve not heard of by an artist I’ve not heard of

He had one single that peaked at number 52 in the UK charts - get with it, granddad!


What kind of patent do they have for this? Can’t imagine it’s watertight. Can the original people or someone else start the exact same thing they were doing originally with a different name please?


I think all the ones at https://heardledecades.com/ still use Soundcloud (and work a bit better) like the original version, if that’s of interest to you/anyone else.

I actually got today’s Heardle from an intelligent-ish guess! :partying_face:

Had no idea what the song was today but thought “just think of a dog shit 2010s artist we’ve already had in the last couple of weeks”

#Heardle #218




Don’t think I’ll ever recover from that.