Hearing aids


Anyone wear one? As I mentioned a lot on the old board I’m deaf in my left ear. I think I told some of you at a meat once when someone pointed out I was reading their lips. Anyway, I’m getting a hearing aid to see if it makes a difference.

Anyone got any experience?


It’s quarter to 9




I think everyone to a certain extent read each others lips… or maybe it’s just my fear of eye contact that keep mine fixed on the mouth movements of the other person.

Sorry, bit off point there. I haven’t had any experience with hearing aids but no doubt I will one day sooner rather than later for the abuse I’ve given them, especially in my younger days.


I fid there to be a strange stigma around it. Getting a hearing aid shouldn’t be a bigger deal than needing glasses I don’t think. My aunt’s husband is also deaf in one ear and you can tell from time to time that he hasn’t heard what you are saying to him, but a strange sense of pride I think is stopping him from getting one.


Lad I play football with is/was completely deaf in one here and got one of the surgical implant-y hearing aids recently. Basically massively improved his quality of life and is unsure why he went all of his adult life until now without looking into it


I have a hearing aid, although I only put it in in meetings where I care what people are saying.

Pretty sure that it was years of loud rock music that did for me.

The hearing aid doesn’t make sound louder, but it restores the top end pitch. It makes quite a difference. I remember when I first put it in I felt like Superman - I could hear people talking on the other side of the road.


Serious question - if this had been a question about a walking stick, would you have made a snide joke?


The funny thing is the guy said that my loss profile probably hasn’t been impacted by my gig going which blew my mind. I had always assumed part responsibility for being a front row here a decade ago.

I’m looking for to hearing properly for the first time.


Probably not, I don’t know any dad jokes to do with using a walking stick.