❤ 💘 🌹 Annual Valentines Day Thread 🌹 💘❤

Let’s get ROMANTIC

Whacha gonna do
Whacha gonna buy
Who ya gonna declare your love for
Which company will have a valentines faux pas

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We’ve agreed to not do anything. Thank fuck.

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No plans


This always seems like a trick. Whenever I hear of anyone going “we’ve agreed not to do presents this year” for any occasion, it always ends up with one person actually getting presents for the other.


Sit on a rock by myself, wanking and crying


[Bridget Jones voice] Huzzah for the singletons!


Due in part to being single I will be watching the first leg of Liverpool v Porto in the Champions League.

In part.


broken up with 2 long term girlfriends around this time of year - one on valentines day and the other the day before.


Don’t care, I paid for her to go touch a bunch of owls yesterday, I’m planning on coasting on the back of that for the rest of the relationship.


Never heard it called etc.


We both have our birthdays in the couple of days before SVD so we can cheerfully ignore it without feeling like it’s a big deal.

It is a real PITA though, as my bf’s birthday is v close to it, so if his bday falls on the weekend and we want to go for dinner, we have to suffer inflated prices, a ‘special menu’, and people who shouldn’t be allowed out in public.

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M&S dealy, exchange of cards, nod of appreciation.

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Valentines Day can fuck off


We’ve never put much stock in it, but I’m In Barcelona for work the day before so the GF is gonna join me.

Probably just Pintxo-pote (I never know if i’m using this correctly) Got a list of natural wine bars we want to go to :pray::pray:

Liverpool vs. Porto

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It’s Clive’s birthday on the 12th so we’ll do something for that instead and do nothing much on the 14th. Also, last year I broke my arm and wrist on the 14th so I might take the day off work and stay on the sofa just to be safe.

Watching the tide roll away

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