❤ 💘 🌹 Annual Valentines Day Thread 🌹 💘❤



Was looking at the Valentine’s Day page for Ocado and you’ve got big jars of pork scratchings alongside magic bullets and sellotape.


Thought this said “data” and you’d gone a bit Theo


Good night in that, tbf.


magic bullets? are they like… vibrating things?


time to reflect on the anniversary of the two major breakups I’ve been through.



I believe they are, so I’ve been told.


from ocado??




I bet a million pounds you’re on the Ocado website now checking out sex toys




pfft i work 10 seconds from soho, don’t you worry :smiley:


I bet they have Duchy Original sex toys


We should totally have an anonymous sex toys poll thread on Thursday


amazing call


sex toys, sex TOYS


just fired up okc - why do people on there say things like ‘PLEASE don’t ask me about “X interest I have listed on my profile”’

I don’t get it, man.


Ygolohcysp esrever


Too stupid for that


apologies if you’ve read this anecdote before as i’ve posted it on here at least once

when i briefly had an okc profile years ago, it had a section on there for “something you’re really good at” and i put “being bad at making scrambled eggs”

i would say 50%+ of message i got referenced scrambled eggs, and a lot contained ONLY instructions for making scrambled eggs, have you tried using the microwave, etc. so i understand why someone getting only messages about one thing on their profile would get annoyed, but i think a better solution is to make a better rounded profile, because i did recognise with the eggs thing that it was partly because i wasn’t giving them a lot to go on