❤ 💘 🌹 Annual Valentines Day Thread 🌹 💘❤


Are we doing DiS valentines this year?



Any awkward valentines situations yet??!


I bought a coffee from the coffeeworks project on my way in today and the girl who served me wished me a happy valentine’s day. Kind of gave her a frowny partridgeshrug.gif cos I thought it was a bit weird when in actual fact I should’ve just said ‘thank you, you too’ like how a normal human would react.

This has happened to me before on val’s day but at hummingbird bakery. This isn’t a thing now is it? I don’t have to wish retail staff a HVD in response do I?


got a card from my parents

it’s my birthday


happy birthday!!


No I’m sorry that’s weird.

If anyone wishes me a happy valentines day, i’m going to ask them why.


Annoying birthday (no offence)


Happy Valentine’s Day meo!!! Have a lovely day!!!


why are you saying that to me


Think this is a pretty normal thing to say and you shouldn’t be so cynical.




It’s like saying HAPPY PANCAKE DAY

I’m just buying something. You don’t know me and you don’t need to wish me a happy anything.

who else are you saying happy valentines day to unless it’s someone you fancy/love?


I really don’t think it is laelfs but your last point is a very valid one.


forgot to say happy valentines day to the cashier at spar this morning :frowning:


I’m in a different country than her, so I’m not winning any brownie points this year. I did buy this awesome card though and leave it for her.


Woke up in a lady’s bed and was an hour late for work. The waking up there wasn’t awkward, though coming into work was.


I’m not even here for studying and I wish these dudes in this study space would shut up a bit


I kind of want to venture out and observe all the valentinesy things. Or go and buy something over the top, like this -


And eat them all obviously.

It’s delivered with a rose :blush:



Have you wished them a HVD?